Usra Karar

SIP Member Since 2020
University of Richmond

Healthcare Studies, Pre-Dental Track
Class of  2025

Skills & Highlights:
  • Detailed
  • Adroit
  • Multi-Lingual
Resume Summary:
Ambitious freshman Healthcare studies major on the pre-dental track. Secured a high school senior summer internship that offered 3 months of practical experience in practicing the art of patient confidentiality, bedside manner and the basics of general dentistry procedures.
My internship led to an offer of dental assisting for the summer of 2022 in practice that is ranked as a Washington Magazine’s 2021 Top Dentist in the Washington DC area.


Awards & Scholarships

  • 2020 Emerging Leaders Program 1 Public Speaking Award
  • 2021 Presidential Scholarship from University of Richmond
  • 2021 Fairfax County Student Peace Award


  • 2020 Cyberstart America

Community Service

  • ASAPProject
  • Co-founding Westfield Minds Matter (Mental Health Advocacy)
  • Camp Kesem

Presentations & Speaking

  • 2021 CodeTigers and SIP collaboration
  • 2020 HackSIP coding instructor


  • 2020 Summer dental internship with Cohen & Cohen DDS
  • Westhampton Class of 2025 Senator


Usra Karar is a first year student at the University of Richmond. Ms Karar has continuously participated in various programs sponsored by the STEM Impressionists Program (SIP) including STEM into Spring and HackSIP.

Ms Karar has participated in such programs in order to advocate for minority students to pursue careers in STEM as well as make STEM-enriching programs accessible to others.

Ms Karar has co-founded a mental health organization at her school known as Westfield Minds Matter, a program partnered with the Our Minds Matter foundation. Furthermore, Ms Karar is a member of Math Honor Society. This honor society motivates students to involve themselves in math-related careers and help other students strengthen their math skills in their classes.

At the University of Richmond, Ms Karar is a senator for the class of 2025 for Westhampton College which is part of the University of Richmond. In doing so, she is part of the external affairs committee which engages in community outreach and social media coordination and graphic design. Additionally Usra Karar is part of Camp Kesem which is a nonprofit organization that aims to hold free camps for children with relatives battling cancer.

What SIP Means to Me

I joined the SIP program in 2020. Prior to joining SIP, I was a volunteer for several of their events including STEM into Spring. I find the STEM Impressionist Program to be so welcoming in that I feel like I have been part of the program for longer. The more I engaged with the program and attended their events, the more I wanted to be involved in SIP. The organization fosters a sense of community for women of color interested in career fields dominated by men. Being part of SIP has been a gateway to a multitude of opportunities in STEM. Being part of this proactive program has allowed me to grow both personally and academically. SIP has taught me the importance of networking, organization, and self-sufficiency and it couldn’t have been done without the help of Mx. DeHart.