Kelly Tieu

SIP Member Since 2016-2020
Application Pending

Computer Science

Skills & Highlights:
  • Creative Problem Solver
  • Excellent Written Skills
  • Innovative STEM Presentations
Resume Summary:

Self-motivated student with practical experience in creating and delivering innovative STEM seminars to adult educators as well as middle and high school students. Creative problem solver. Excellent written skills.



  • 2017 VEX “Judge” Camp

Awards & Scholarships

  • Applications in Progress


  • 2019 SWENext Design Lab
  • Community Engagement Challenge
  • 2018 Referee for VEX IQ Regional Tournament

Presentations & Speaking

  • 2018 George Mason University’s FOCUS STEM Camp
  • 2018 George Mason University/NoVa MakerFaire
  • 2018 JOSTI


  • 2018 Assistant Robotic Works Instructor for Intermediates


I was Kelly’s mentor for five years. Kelly was one of the first students to join what become the STEM Impressionists Program (SIP) and her contribution to our team is sorely missed. While a member of SIP Kelly demonstrated a strong commitment to STEM. In my position as an afterschool STEM coordinator and then as the Founder and CEO of the SIP, Kelly was the person that I could depend on to complete a requested task first and with distinction. Her skills as a strong writer were always impressive as were her cogent scholastic skills. I watched Kelly grow with our organization. As a student educator Kelly was always patient, thorough, and effective when she taught students, adult or K12, STEM skills. She took the initiative to attend STEM events in the local area and update others about what she had learned.”

“As a member of SIP’s Executive Committee, Kelly consistently collaborated with her team on their next step plan and the STEM events/seminars that SIP organized. She shined when she was able to take projects from start to finish. In fact, Kelly authored and secured two grants that supported SIP’s K12 activities. Her experientially based resume is full of examples of how she supported SIP’s mission of creating a pathway for Black and Brown girls to succeed in STEM.”

am confident that Kelly will succeed as a bioengineering professional. Her contribution to SIP exemplified her abilities to be ready for the challenges of college and career. Every member of SIP remembers her fondly and wishes her well as she
pursues her life’s journey.”

-Angela DeHart

What SIP Means to Me

“Are you interested in writing a research paper for a science competition?” A teacher I’ve never met asks me. Winning that competition taught me the payoff of taking risks, of saying “yes”. I joined SIP immediately after that. Growing up a girly girl, I never felt comfortable pursuing technology classes or activities. Mx. DeHart helped me find my inner engineer as I discovered my passion for computer science. It wasn’t just for boys, it was for me.

Since I joined, I chose SIP everyday when I committed my weekends planning an engineering workshop for 5th grade students in our community, when I designed curriculum for a computer science camp I helped teach at and when I interned for a startup company where Mx. DeHart taught me the importance of building the right company culture. Every step of the way, she made sure I wasn’t alone. Providing me with resources to learn how to show up as my best self, Mx. DeHart made sure I was prepared for every endeavor I embarked on.

When I was applying to my dream school, I was drowning in imposter syndrome. The writing process was hard and she spent weeks giving me feedback on every draft I wrote. She not only knew about my experiences, she knew me too. Mx. DeHart has been through all the ups and downs of my life since we met in middle school. She helped me show up in my writing as my most authentic self. Without her help, I wouldn’t be joining Yale’s class of 2025 next fall.

Her commitment to my excellence has propelled me from the studious girl I was into the trailblazer I’m becoming. She invested countless hours of counsel in me. In turn, I give back everything I learn through SIP, back to students who look like me. Her mentorship changed my life. Her devotion to me has guided me in establishing a vision for my future and my contribution to the world.