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Your donations help the STEM Impressionists make STEM an inclusive, hands-on experience for marginalized students. By supporting our seminars, national presentations, and teacher and student scholarships, you are championing SIP’s mission to support minority students in STEM!

What Your Donations Will Do

Self Paced Learning Resources

Through curriculum, we offer students the ability to take on self-guided learning, while simultaneously offering teachers the ability to bring engaging and interactive content into the classrooms and seminars.

STEM Summer Camp/

Pay for student summer camp attendance or SIP Home STEM pack + video instructions.


Help us create six $500 STEM scholarships for High School students and two $1,000 grants for teachers so that they can fill their classrooms or after school programs with STEM material!

Become a Global Citizen

SIP’s program runs from middle school through a student’s masters. The focus is always building the student’s ability to learn the “soft” skills that will enable them to succeed in life. This means traveling to museums, attending seminars, etc. to broaden their horizons. This gift helps us offer students who live near the nation’s capital an upclose view of its treasures, or once in college, to attend an industry conference or become a member of a degree friendly association.

21st Century Skills

This level of giving helps SIP prepare our students for the career skills that they will need to be effective leaders in their organizations or selfcreated companies. They learn networking, LinkedIn presentation skills, attend seminars that support the writing of an effective resumes, learn how to write and deliver keynote speeches, and are attend industry specific guest speaker sessions.


SIP offers students a series of small group leadership training that gives students an opportunity to develop into Csuite executive and corporate board members. By meeting, networking with, and learning about serving on nonprofit and corporate boards, wealth management, dressing for success, effective networking, and negotiating the corporate politics of being an underrepresented minority students learn the skills necessary to climb the corporate ladder and fulfill the aspirations of addressing the problems of the “leaky pipeline.”

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Other Ways to Donate:

“To Know The Unknown”
Written by Noora Aabed and Illustrated by Lindsey Prodin

Join a diverse group of girls on their exploration of the unknown wonders of the universe! Through this rhyming STEM book, girls just like you explore questions, possibilities, and inventions! You can too!

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“The Secret History of Home Economics”
by Danielle Dreilinger

In the surprising, often fiercely feminist and always fascinating The Secret History of Home Economics traces the field’s history from Black colleges to Eleanor Roosevelt to Okinawa, from a Betty Crocker brigade to DIY techies. These women became chemists and marketers, studied nutrition, health, and exercise, tested parachutes, created astronaut food, and took bold steps in childhood development and education.

*Angela DeHart was interviewed and is featured in this book.

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The Story of the STEM Impressionists Program

Angela DeHart is in the process of writing books about SIP!

Learn the details of SIP’s success.

The book is being released in 2024.

Stay tuned!

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